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Many companies are looking for a weekday retreat to have a good time, develop trust and to relieve some stress. Our form of laser tag has an inherent need for team work in order to be successful. Fireball Mountain has programs that leverage the team work factor to provide our corporate clients with real business benefits beyond just having fun.

Check out Details about our programs below:

  • Fun Format Program (Corporate Fun Events NJ) - Great for socials
  • Fun & Teamwork Program (Corporate Retreat Ideas) - Want to "Battle Test" your troops?
  • Holiday Parties - Great change of pace after a year of hard work and accomplishments

What makes this activity especially suited for team development?

This is the question that most companies should be asking any venue is: What makes your location specifically suitable for a team building event? Our company ensures you that this will be more than just a fun game of laser tag. Using our proprietary training format, we leverage the fun of playing laser tag with team based mission play to create the perfect training environment. We work with our clients to intentionally place participants into designated groups, pre-define leadership roles, and provide them with common goals and objectives to achieve as part of the mission play.  Coincidentally the other team also has goals and objectives, and they will be firing on your team as you both attempt to succeed.  That added curve ball of simulated battle within the missions is what brings out the best and worst in your team members.  Our training environment exposes the participant's raw emotion (as if they were really "under fire") which is typically confined to just the stressful situations in the workplace, and it creates a much richer team development exercise. Don't think for a minute that people are not having fun, but the combat scenario raises most participants emotional awareness. You can't really work on developing team work skills unless people are being their true selves during the training exercise.  What is the sense in providing an environment that people can maintain their “masks” and allow them to “fake” the results?  You need to expose the raw personalities and group dynamic as it will exist when things get tough back in the workplace.  I want to know that the person next to me is willing to hop in the fox hole with me and assist me in completing whatever tasks are thrown our way.  That is the environment that we offer, that is what makes us the perfect venue to achieving superior results in team building development.  We hope that you will give our venue a try, we know the experience will exceed your expectations, because we experience those results every day.

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Testimonials from Our Corporate Fun Events

“Many, many thanks for the Session yesterday, the conversations surrounding (outdoor laser tag) tactics continued (and I am not exaggerating) until after midnight last night, and until lunchtime today. I will be recommending your Operation to colleagues and friends back in New York. The event was extremely well organized and you have a tremendous group of enthusiastic staff members.”

British Telecom

“Fireball Mountain Park hosted the Endo Pharmaceuticals Summer Event and every one of us had a great time!! We can’t wait to come back! Thanks for everything!”

Endo Pharmaceutical

“The event was customized to my requirements and was facilitated by management experts. The event combined the fun and strategy of military operations with the pressures of every day management activities. The day was a blast and very productive… and (I) would highly recommend it.”

GSH Group, Company President

Some of our current customers include:

Verizon Wireless, Campbell Soup, Novo Nordisk, Novartis, British Telecom, Exxon Mobil, Merck, Bristol Myers Squibb, Janssen Pharmaceutical, ABC Studios, MTV, Spotify, Home Depot, McDonalds, Shoprite, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Microsoft, NCR, Barnabus Healthcare System, Centra State Medical Center, BMW, Ingersol Rand, AT&T, Game Stop, Macy's, Target, US Army, US Marine Corps, US Navy, Princeton University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Kean University, University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Rutgers University, Paychex, Lakewood Blueclaws, American Cancer Society, Astor Chocolate, NRG, Yorktel, Convatec, PCS Wireless, Chalkstream Capital, Prudential, Goldman Sachs, Sherwin Williams, Topps Company, Nike, Fordham University and many more
Fun Format Program
Fun Format Program

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Fun and Teamwork Program
Fun and Teamwork Program

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